It's late in the Stone house. Everyone is asleep.

Well, everyone except me. I've always been nocturnal, to the betterment of some habits and the detriment of others.

We're just back from my book tour in the Pacific Northwest. It was an amazing -- if brief -- trip, and one I'm sure we'll be discussing for a long time.

I got to see some dear old friends, make some fantastic new ones, and spend hours in big, beautiful bookstores talking with people who share a love of the written word.

Highlights and notable moments:

Got to visit a museum dedicated solely to my son's favorite visual artist.

Had to temper my son's enormous physical enthusiasm by noting that his favorite visual artist works entirely in glass, and maybe he shouldn't wave his arms so much.

My first reading in a city that was not my own.

My SoCal kids got to play in rain.

My wife discovered a leather harness for carrying a six-pack of beer on a bicycle, and seriously considered buying it.

My second reading in a town that was not my own.

I signed some books.

My son signed his first book (mine).

My daughter signed her first book (not mine).

My son signed his second, third and fourth books (also not mine).

My wife stopped my four-year-old daughter from bum-rushing the podium during a dramatic moment in one of my readings. In doing so, got body-checked by our daughter and received a black eye for her troubles. (#motherhood)

Signed the special book at Powell's.

Too much amazing food to talk about.

Too many friends to count.

Too much happy to sleep.

Thanks to everyone I met, met up with, or almost met up with on the trip. Thanks to all the wonderful folks at University Book Store and Powell's for putting me up, and thanks for everyone who came out to talk about books and beef on a weekday.

See you at the next one.