The Cow -- A Very Brief Introduction

As a guy who bought a whole cow, I'm asked a lot how to cook this-or-that cut of beef.

Of course I'm happy to share whatever knowledge I've gained, but I also thought it would be useful to build something to get those just entering the kitchen started off on the right foot.

To that end, I've built a series of very brief top line summaries of all the beef primals. They should at least get you started if you have a question about a particular cut.

You can find them at the top of this page, under the menu "About Beef."

I've also built a very brief outline of cooking hot and fast -- for cuts without a lot of connective tissue -- and low and slow braises, for those cuts that have some connective tissue to break down.

Soon, I will be adding a section on barbecue, as well.

Finally, I've also included a section on how to actually go about buying a grass fed steer, should you be so inclined.

I hope you find them helpful.