What I Learned -- Central Coast edition

I'm back!

Yes, perhaps you weren't aware I was gone. But I was. And now I'm not. There you go.

Traveled up California's central coast for a bit with the family to clear my head so I could re-fog it in new and interesting ways.

It was a lovely trip, and much fun was had by all. Here's what I learned along the way:

Redwoods are big.

Campfire coffee is definitively better than any other type of coffee, quality of beans notwithstanding.

When you wash your hair and smell campfire smoke, you know you were dirty. 

Morro Rock is further away than it looks.

There is only One True Chowder, and it is New England Clam.

The sound a kid makes when he breaks his arm is entirely different than the sound he makes when he hurts himself to a lesser degree and is just mad about it and dramatic by nature.

Legos are dangerous. See previous entry. (Yes, seriously.)

California's central coast is home to many friendly and efficient hospitals.

Sometimes, sitting around with a kid and doing nothing is about the most fun a person can have.

A knife roll is the best investment a traveling food dork can make.

Running on a beach is simultaneously the best and worst way to do it.

I still don't understand the appeal of saltwater taffy.


It's good to be back, interwebs. Let's do this thing.

See you in the kitchen...